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Local Dive Sites

Local Dive Sites

Our West Coast Diving Sites

We use these sites regularly for pleasure dives and training dives. Feel free to explore our favourites dive sites....


Remains of a seaplane at 17m. Now not more than a jumbled collection of aircraft spars.

Clashfarland Point

A dive in two part. A shallow bay suitable for training and a gentle sloping wall dive to about 18m. There are a couple of artefacts to discover on your journey.

Trail Island

Wall dive to about 50m. There are shelves at many different depths on this dive - just pick your depth and go explore.

Broad Island

Nearby to Trail Island but shallower. Good for training and starting the drift dive to/from Trail Island

Lady Isabella

A 396 ton Iron barque launched in August 1882 and it sank in Dec 1902. It lies two hundred metres North West of Gull Point, Little Cumbrae and approximately fifty metres from the shore on a sloping sand and rock seabed. Usually great visibility and with plenty of aquatic life. 6 - 18 m.


A steel steamship launched 1860 and sank in July 1894. Lying on a steep slope 250 metres north of the Little Cumbrae Lighthouse. From 30 to 42m bow to stern. The wreck is well broken up with the only recognisable part being the aft section from boiler room to stern.

Red Rock Slip

Our regular training site just a mile north of Largs. A gentle shore dive with plenty to explore and plenty of aquatic life.

Other sites include the Wallachia , SS Kintyre, Portencross and the Wishing Well  to name but a few. We have more wrecks in the Firth of Clyde than there is at Scapa Flow

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